Missionary work is underrated

We are infatuated with sex. We are fascinated by religion. We are shaped by the two. It’s fun for us to talk about this stuff—the dark and the light—pretty much all the time. We have and will continue to ruin family gatherings by exploring these topics—specifically where they intersect. Sadie left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and is only recently sexually active. Maddie is a Jewish gal who strives to be a beacon of sex-positivity. There is still a lot we have to learn.

Sadie Blasucci, Host

Sadie is a writer, host, entrepreneur, and aspiring cult leader born and raised in Los Angeles. She would describe her overall vibe as a combination of all 3 lead characters of “First Wives Club,” with a hint of Kevin James. Sadie and Maddie met while performing in a character sketch show in West Hollywood and have been friends since the first rehearsal. Sadie’s blog “Personal Prog Blog” is aimed at comedically illustrating her journey from a young woman in the Mormon Personal Progress Program to an adult woman trying to make her own personal progress. She spends her free time curating lengthy instagram stories and staying in touch with women in various stages of leaving or joining The Church. She values authenticity, silliness, family, service, and foreplay. More than anything she hopes any person in a faith crisis can gain some comfort and a giggle from her work.

Madeline Sharton, Host

Maddie is a singer/songwriter, actor, and *anti-capitalist* raised in the Boston area (go Sox). She would describe herself as “culturally Jewish”—just for the food and the fun stuff. In addition to her weekly #TuesdayTubTunes videos, she performs original characters on stage monthly alongside Sadie in West Hollywood. She loves to sing and make people laugh, just not at the same time. The only thing that brings her more joy than TV, choco chip ice cream, and a fancy pen is a good ole fashioned dry hump. She just wants everyone to stop feeling so much damn shame, but she also sometimes feels shame herself, so IT’S AN UPHILL BATTLE, FOLKS! Anyway, Maddie is a really cool girl because her go-to drink is a whiskey on the rocks.

Shannon Eagen, Producer

Shannon is an editor, producer and voice actor, originally hailing from Detroit. She moved to New York City after graduating from The University of Michigan (Go Blue!), where she made her Broadway debut in the Tony-nominated production of Airline Highway. Since moving to Los Angeles, Shannon has reconnected with her love of reading as many books as is physically possible in a calendar year (aiming for 100 in 2020). She previously worked as a producer and contributor on the BookSwell Intersections podcast, a literary non-profit pod aimed at sharing LA Lit News. Shannon is an avid rock climber, and can probably beat you in a pull-up contest, but also probably in a drinking contest… The key to life is balance.

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